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Welcome to Cavendish Town Elementary School


Cavendish Town Elementary School will create and sustain an educational program that will allow and enable students to: develop respect and sense of responsibility for self, the family, the local community and the world; foster a love of learning; develop academic competencies that are competitive in the global marketplace.

The guiding principles are based on the VT Common Core of Learning and the National Association for the Education of Young Children Components of Appropriate Practice and include, but are not limited to:

  1. Assure equal access to and opportunity for all students involving   them in an educational process that is integrated across disciplines and grade levels;

  2. Treat all students as gifted, all students as gifts, thereby, promoting positive self-esteem and development of all children;

  3. Provide a curriculum that develops strong basic educational skills, as well as understanding, creativity, and responsibility for all students, and helps all students fulfill their individual potential;

  4. Assure a continuously improving curriculum through a strong connection among teachers, school, parents, the community and the secondary school system;

  5. Promote a positive atmosphere, based on mutual respect and trust, for teamwork and a cooperative spirit among the School Board, parents, teachers and staff;

  6. Include parents as an integral part of their children’s learning and development in partnership with our teachers;

  7. Develop and continuously improve a creative work environment in which excellence is valued, a cooperative spirit prevails and all school employees can experience pride and joy in their work;

  8. Provide an encouraging, productive learning environment that puts children first and foremost and in which all student experience creative growth, a feeling of safety and well being, and joy in learning.