School Welcome

Welcome to Cavendish Town Elementary School!

We are like a family.

We are so glad you are here!

Cavendish Town Elementary School is a small, rural school with big aspirations. We have an award-winning teaching staff,

veteran para-educators with decades of experience combined, an entire town library in the building, not one, but, two playgrounds,

a beautiful garden cared for by people of all ages in town and the best food you have ever tasted.

Our students are kind, friendly, curious and hard working.

Our parents and community support the school by volunteering in classrooms, helping us raise money for projects, offering to drive kids to field trips, baking, painting, chaperoning, working in the office and helping teach when people on staff get sick.

Our summer custodians, Mr. Beamon, Mr. Aumand and Mrs. Jones race all summer to scrub and wax the floors, paint all the walls so the building is shiny clean. Then the yearly crew Ms. Thomas, Mr. Gruber and Mr. Beamon is there anytime we need them to help fix things, make sure we have supplies, heat, hot water, shoveled paths to walk in and they are friendly.

Mrs. Jones, the cook is here practically before sunup making breakfast so kids can have a great start to their day and then she goes right into lunch to keep the brain juices flowing. She has a nice helper named Miss Jane.

Our Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Hamilton, is super nice and always helpful. She knits the softest stuffed animals you have ever felt.

Our principal, Mrs. Beaupre, was a classroom teacher for almost 25 years in MA and NH and has been with us since 2018. She likes to sing camp songs, listen to kids read and watch teachers work their magic in the classroom. She laughs a lot. One time she dyed her hair blue!

This is such a special school and we love it. We are sure that you would love it here, too.

Feel free to stop by to visit or sign up to volunteer.