Cavendish town

elementary school

Materials Drive

For the dates of May 6th-16th and the Morning of May 20th

Mary Bauerband is holding a collection for plastic products.

Any type of plastics or styrofoam is fine as long as its clean and dry.

Please drop off @ School between 7:30-8 am

**Everything needs to be food bits free**


2 Liter bottles,1 Liter bottles ,Plastic Bags, Zip top baggies ,Plastic Straws ,Tin foil ,Chip/Snack bags ,Plastic Grocery bags

Styrofoam containers ,Coffee cup lids ,K-Cups (cleaned) ,Yogurt containers (cleaned),Plastic Wrap

We are making Eco Bricks !!

-An ecobrick is a plastic bottle packed with plastic to a set density to create a reusable building block.

We will be making these on the day of the Health Fair and using them to build some stools and perhaps a table for the outside rec spaces.

Check out these links to learn more !

Thank you for your Help collecting Materials !!